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IN GENERAL a rule of being conduct and established by an authority able to enforce controlling, regulation and according. 1

LEAD a Commander to direct, to manage, to carry and conduct the after Kingdom affair.
In minimum you doing hand to write ths Signature of a Word on a Paper or type it to key-board.2

BEHAVE the reflexive conducted himself well. 3

PHYSICS serve a light or audio of electricity. 4

KNOWLEDGE ascertained principles of truth facts to be a part in the World means your Gift back to Earth or e-thic's, your first Cocaine  blow you Out from the Co. and you  became no more a series voice over our Larynx LaTeX Globe. 5

DEPARTMENT any branch of systematised and considered knowledge as a distinct field of investigation. 6

GOOD sense which only gift fairly worth of science. 7

CONTROL Emacs mit der META Edittaste 8

FACT the Loudspeaker is a great Tool for doing loud speaking surely not a Instrument of a optical wish. 9

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